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    Needwood Player's Club


Everyone wants to be a better player. The Player’s Club at Needwood Golf Course can get you there. Practice at the range and then play at a specialty low rate! The Player’s Club gives you the golf experience you’ve been looking for. And as an added benefit, specialty golf merchandise is also available for purchase – discounted all the way down to our employee cost! Think of it as a health club for Golf – if you want to play and practice daily, nothing should stop you!

For more information or questions please contact Needwood Golf Course at 301-948-1075

$69.95 Per Month

Unlimited Driving Range Balls

(any time/day)

Discounted Green & Cart Fees

on the following schedule

  • Main Course: 50% off Green & Cart Fee | After 4pm - 7 days/week
  • Executive Course: 50% off Green & Cart Fee (if applicable) | Valid Anytime

Discounted Golf Shop Merchandise

Priced at "Cost + 10%" Program
(Employee Pricing)

"Opt-Out" Agreement Option

Opt-out at any time with at least 30 days written notice