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The following is a list of current Driving Range hours for each MCG golf course. Please note this information is subject to change based on weather and also as we continue to move through the COVID-19 Reopening Phases.

Falls Road Mon-Fri: 7a -9p (Closes from 11a - 2p on Tuesday) Lights off at 9:30p; Sat & Sun: 6a - 8:30p. No Lights on Weekends
Hampshire Greens  Mon - Thurs: 11a - 6p, Fri - Sun: 9a -6p
Laytonsville Mon/Tues: 7a - 7p, Wed: 7a - 3p, Thurs - Sun: 7a - 7p
Little Bennett   Mon - Wed/Fri - Sun: 9a - 7p, Thurs: 12p - 7p
Needwood  Mon - Sat: 11a - 7p, Sun: 11a - 5p
Northwest  Mon: 7a - 9p, Tues: 12p - 9p, Wed - Sat: 7a - 9p, Sun: 7a - Sunset
Poolesville  Mon: 7a - 3p, Tues - Sun: 7a - 7p
Rattlewood  Mon - Wed/Fri - Sun: 7a - 7p, Thurs: 7a - 5p