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Aeration Scheduled
Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Aeration Location: Little Bennett Back 9

Aeration alleviates soil compaction and the buildup of organic matter in the root zone by creating more air space in the soil profile. As grass grows, it naturally produces thatch below the surface, which consists of undecomposed leaves, grass stems, and roots. Over time, if we don’t do something about this organic matter buildup, the top inch of the greens becomes a sponge, holding water and resulting in poor playing conditions. The aeration process is performed by machines that produce holes in the soil and remove cores of unwanted thatch. Holes are filled with sand, which creates channels for improved water infiltration, gas exchange, and much improved root growth. This process is critical to keeping our greens healthy!

Location Little Bennett Back 9, Hampshire Green front, Golf at The Crossvines Back 9