Fall Graden Schedule

MCG 2018 Fall Graden Schedule

In an ongoing effort to minimize the impact of critical cultivation practices on our greens, we are replacing traditional spring core aeration with a fall vertical mowing / sand injection program at most of our properties.  The recovery of our greens from spring aeration is often hampered by unpredictable weather patterns, and the trend of cooler spring weather, or prolonged winter weather, makes the normal process both difficult to schedule and the greens slower to heal. It is the same time of year we need to regulate growth on greens to prevent flushes of Poa annua seeds that can also make greens bumpy. 

Eliminating spring aeration helps our superintendents focus on achieving the desired greens surface smoothness as quickly as nature will allow during an unpredictable time of year.  The aggressive fall vertical mowing will result in visible lines of sand on the greens, but our goal is to keep them lightly topdressed with sand, rolling smoother than core aeration, and have them healed up for another great season in the new year!

October 22nd & 24th: Hampshire Greens
October 29th & 30th: Little Bennett
November 8th & 9th: Poolesville
November 6th: Northwest Inner 9
November 14th: Needwood Executive 9
November 27th & 28th: Falls Road
December 4th: Sligo Creek

*** 9 holes to be completed each of the days listed above ***