MCG 2018 Fall Aeration Schedule

Golf courses will be aerating fairways, tees, and roughs throughout the fall in an effort to integrate improved seed varieties into existing stands of turf, reduce compaction and thatch buildup, improve rooting and water infiltration, and to encourage oxygen exchange in the soil.  It is extremely important for overall course conditions and the long-term enjoyment of our properties.  On days the course is open for play while work is being done, we will make every effort to ensure debris is cleaned up as soon as possible. The courses below will be aerating on the following dates:

August 2018

8/13: Falls Road (Front 9)
8/14: Falls Road (Back 9); Needwood (Front 9); Poolesville (Front 9)
8/15: Needwood (Back 9); Poolesville (Back 9)
8/20: Hampshire Greens (Front 9); Northwest (Front 9 - Dryject); Rattlewood (Front 9)
8/21: Hampshire Greens (Back 9); Northwest (Back 9 - Dryject); Rattlewood (Back 9)
8/22: Laytonsville (Front 9)
8/23: Laytonsville (Back 9)

September 2018

9/4: Little Bennett (Front 9)
9/5: Little Bennett (Back 9)
9/11: Sligo Creek
9/18: Needwood Executive 9
9/25: Northwest Inner 9